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• KingTech G4 uses SBus data transmission.

• All operating parameters including motor/ECU integration, total running time are saved in the motor.

• The smaller and lighter external Data Relay Module (DRM) is responsible for all data, signal and power transmission.

• Pump: digital sbus brushless pump

• A micro USB connector is available for future wireless mobile applications connection.

• The G4 has a brushless starter for reliability and durability, the onboard FOD display is also integrated. • After a start cycle and the receiver powered off, the GSU ​​cool down only It will remain open until completed.



  • Diameter: 62.9mm

    Length: 160mm

    Weight: 450g (Including Inner valve, assembly, Digital control system, FOD Display)

    Max. Revolution: 235000

    Thrust: 3kg+ @ 15°C

    EGT: 720 °C max.

    Fuel consumption: 120 gr/min

    Fuel: Kerosene

    Lubrication: 5%

  • • Engine

    • Data Relay Module (DRM)

    • Ground Support Unit (GSU)

    • Harness and Pipe Set

    • Fuel Pump, Filter and Shut-off Valve

    • Fuel Entry Supplements

    • User's manual

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